Accelerate Your Reselling Career Today

Accelerate Your Reselling Career Today

The Ultimate Solution to Help You Make and Save Money


About Us

Founded in 2017 and rebranded in 2020, Resell University is an all-in-one reselling group curated around experienced mentors and resources that helps you MAKE and SAVE money legally.

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Premium Features


Shopping Basket

Random Resell

The flagship category of our group. Lead by veteran resellers, gain access to thousands of profitable leads both online and in-store to sell on the aftermarket. We find, you flip.


Price Tag

Price Errors and Freebies

Resell University specializes in monitoring and finding all Price Errors and Freebies across hundreds of retailers so that members can legally obtain items at a cost thats almost “too good to be true”.



Invest in the Future

We believe that great wealth will flow into digital assets such Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and Web 3.0 in the coming years. Stay ahead of the curve through our guidance and tips to not miss out on life-changing opportunities.



Everything Sneakers

We have everything imaginable you need to become a successful sneaker reseller, starting with early SNKRS/Nike Info, detailed guides for both manual and bot users, down to listing the exact number of stock per size on a shock drop.



Premium Tools and Services

Our group offers a wide array of tools and services to help YOU succeed as a reseller including our free autofiller powered by Cardinal, our free automation toolbox, to our cashout buyers paying top-notch prices for your sneakers and electronics.



Full Monitor Coverage

Monitors are one of the most important resources for a reseller as many profitable opportunities are rewarded based on speed. Our monitors support over 200+ websites, both sneakers and collectibles, to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

Exclusive Perks

Mobile Companion

Take us on the go. From customizable drop & restock notifications, to tailored release information complemented with an beautiful interface, our companion app is FREE to all members.

Mobile Companion

Extended Server

Reselling isn’t all we have to offer. We provide an entire separate Discord server where members have access to Premium Food, Amazon products, Autocheckouts, and Education help - all for FREE.


Proven Success

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Frequently Asked Questions

Resell University is currently capped as we rather focus on quality over quantity. However, we do open up applications 4-5 times a year that is announced on our Instagram story. We recommend filling out fast as we tend to fill up spots extremely quickly!

Resell University provides opportunities and ways on how to make money on the internet while also saving it. Anything ranging from random resell, price errors, loops, personal/resellable deals, to sneakers, we cover everything that accerlates your reselling career to the next level.

No two days are the same as reselling opportunities we provide are different each and every day. Using our Daily Rundown posted the night before each day in the server and mobile app, you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly which releases to go for.

A membership is $65 a month and can be cancelled at any given time during the month.

Of course! Whether you’re a rookie trying to get your feet wet to a experienced veteran reseller, Resell University is the central hub to provide all the resources and guidance you need to succeed.